New York Entertainment Venues to Reopen Starting April 2nd After Larry Sharpe Instigates Comedy Club Lawsuit, Pressuring Cuomo to Stop Bankrupting Small Businesses.

The lawsuit that Larry Sharpe of The Sharpe Way organized with Dani Zoldan of Stand Up NY against Governor Cuomo proved successful. Two days after Attorney James Mermigis, the “Anti-Shutdown Lawyer” brought suit, Cuomo announced that entertainment venues including comedy clubs would be able to reopen on April 2 at 33% capacity.

A meme that says Cuomo is a generous God for announcing that entertainment venues can reopen on April 2.
Cuomo Announced That Entertainment Venues Including Comedy Clubs Would Be Able to Reopen on April 2

“Dani’s constant support of the industry made him the perfect person to be the face of this push against Andrew Cuomo.”

Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe defeated Governor Andrew Cuomo with a four-pronged attack.

  1. He convinced Dani Zoldan, the owner of Stand Up NY, to sue Governor Cuomo.
  2. For over two months, Sharpe’s team discussed strategy and vetted many lawyers on behalf of Zoldan to find the perfect fit for the case. Constitutional lawyer James Mermigis had a history of defeating Cuomo. This track record put more pressure on Cuomo than that of a lawyer who has not achieved positive impact with anti-shutdown cases.
  3. The teams partnered to produce a website and petition at LegalizeComedy.NYC to raise awareness.
  4. Through Zoldan’s media connections, they put together a media blitz where Zoldan represented Stand Up NY on multiple media outlets including The New York Post, Fox & Friends, NY1, and blogs including and

Cuomo’s announcement to unshutter entertainment venues came just hours after an appearance by Larry Sharpe and Dani Zoldan on Bernie and Sid in the Morning.

Legalize Comedy, Stand Up NY – Bernie & Sid in the Morning – Dani Zoldan & Larry Sharpe

Sharpe believes that we can defeat Cuomo again, in court if not at the ballot box. Cuomo has done enormous harm to people and small businesses over the last year, and politicians are not holding him accountable. Cuomo’s bad policies resulted in a 40% surge in bankruptcies since the lockdown began, with over 6,000 New York businesses shut down by September 2020, according to Bloomberg. His incompetence also resulted in thousands of deaths that the Cuomo Administration under-reported by 50% as of January 19, according to the Associated Press.

Announcement: Cuomo, Comedy and The Anti-Shutdown Lawyer!

Larry Sharpe ran for governor in 2018 because he was fed up with the poor leadership that is failing New York State. He continues to help the people of New York despite being a plain citizen who does not hold public office. People are already using nicknames like “Liberator Larry” to describe the man who is taking on Cuomo one lawsuit at a time.

“Culture is the key to New York City rebuilding. It’s time to let us heal”

Larry Sharpe

About The Sharpe Way: The Sharpe Way show was founded by Larry Sharpe, the 2018 Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of New York to help heal the nation’s political divide between liberals and conservatives.


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