The Sharpe Way is Spreading Liberty and We Need Your Help

Libertarians often speak in an echo chamber and this keeps our numbers small. The Sharpe Way is different. In addition to libertarians, Larry Sharpe brings guests on the show from across the political spectrum who don’t normally hear our message. These are sometimes uncomfortable, and often interesting conversations. We don’t always change minds, but we do create understanding and dialogue. Larry is getting people to hear us, and that matters.

The Sharpe Way is Making IMPACT

Did you know that former New York Governor Cuomo lifted the ban on entertainment venues (effective April 2) exactly two days after Stand Up NY announced their lawsuit against the governor on The Sharpe Way? Larry convinced Dani Zoldan, a co-owner of Stand Up NY, to sue Cuomo in late December. The Sharpe Way team then worked with Dani for over two months to retain a constitutional lawyer with a proven track record of winning against Cuomo. We helped plan the case, and launched a media blitz to put pressure on Cuomo to open up New York. We won.

Larry Sharpe: He fights for your rights
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Larry Sharpe is Getting Press for the Liberty Movement

The Sharpe Way is taking liberty to a whole new level. We’ve been reaching out to the media and podcasts. We’ve been sending out press releases. And, we’ve been making inroads with people outside of the Liberty Movement. It’s working. Larry has appeared on some of the biggest podcasts on the Left and the Right, while he continues to support Libertarian podcasts, candidates, and others in our community.

It Costs Money to Spread Liberty

Freedom isn’t free. Larry Sharpe has cut back on the coaching and training work that he does to pay the bills. He has invested everything that The Sharpe Way brings in through Patreon to build out a marketing team to promote the show. He did these things because he believes in Liberty, and he needs your help.

Help With Your Dollars

What we need more than anything is money. This helps us to keep a staff on board to spread the message. It pays for advertising, press releases, equipment, travel, and other out-of-pocket expenses. With more funding, we can do more of the stuff that we’re doing already. We can get our message onto bigger shows. We have a shot at network TV and press. We can be heard, with your help. Can you give a few bucks a month?

Subscribe and SHARE

We really need financial support in order to grow. But if you can’t do that, you can still help. Start by subscribing to our channel wherever it appears, and when you see our posts, share them too. This matters and when you share video clips from The Sharpe Way, you’re doing your part to spread the message of Liberty in a way that’s easy for people to understand.

Let’s Make Some Allies

We’re not going to agree on everything. Sometimes Larry Sharpe makes bold statements to capture the attention of people outside of our bubble, and you may not like everything you hear. But you will probably like most of it.

“The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20 percent traitor.”

Ronald Reagan

Do you agree with Larry on 80% of the outcomes you want? When Larry brings guests onto the show who are Progressives, Conservatives, Libertarians, and others, do you think he can get some of them to agree on 80% of the outcomes we want? When Larry does interviews and appears on podcasts and the news, do you think he can get some of the people listening to agree with 80% of what he has to say? If so, then we’re winning. Join the winning team and let’s spread Liberty together.