• Show: The Free Thought Project Podcast
  • Host: Matt Agorist and Jason Bassler
  • Title: Guest: Larry Sharpe – Cultural Divide, Solutions To Police Violence & The State Of The Economy
  • Date: June 18, 2021

In this week’s episode of the Free Thought Project podcast, Matt and Jason talk with Larry Sharpe. Sharpe is an American entrepreneur, political activist, podcast host, and former candidate for the vice-presidential nomination to the Libertarian Party of the United States. In 2018, Sharpe, a resident of New York, ran for governor of the state.

Though Sharpe came in fourth, his campaign was the most successful libertarian gubernatorial campaign in the state’s history — achieving 95,033 votes — and, for the first time, ensured automatic ballot access for the Libertarian Party of New York.

Sharpe also has a degree in Anthropology from the University of Maryland and spent 8 years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps. He now runs the business consulting company Neo-Sage Group, Inc. and is host to The Sharpe Way Show, where he continues to advocate for libertarian principles on a weekly basis. (1:00:53)

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