Larry Sharpe Candidate for Governor Of New York 2018 on Long Island Backstory
  • Show: Long Island Backstory
  • Host: Gary Jacobs
  • Title: Larry Sharpe Candidate for Governor Of New York 2018 on Long Island Backstory
  • Date: May 21, 2018

It doesn’t matter what party you are affiliated with. If you are ready for change, serious about Family Law Reform and getting New York back on track, Larry Sharpe is your man! Please take 30 minutes to watch this show. You will NOT be disappointed.

Sharpe is the most charismatic, honest, intelligent candidate I have seen in years. Sharpe thinks outside the box.

If you are tired of the corruption in Albany, now is the time to make a difference, get involved with my choice for Governor of New York, Larry Sharpe!

On this episode, Sharpe will discuss Family Law Reform, Child Support, the MTA, Traffic, The Safe Act and much more.

Larry Sharpe (L) is a Bronx native, a Marine Corps veteran, an entrepreneur, and a management consultant with 15 years of experience mentoring international executives, entrepreneurs & sales people. He is also a teacher, previously serving as a guest instructor for business management and leadership at institutions such as Yale University, Columbia University, Baruch College and John Jay College. He is now running for Governor of New York in order to make education more effective through innovation, reform the criminal justice system to focus on rehabilitation, and build an economy that works for all of New York State.

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