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We need to rethink our Government – Libertarian Larry Sharpe

#LarrySharpe​ says “We are losing in terms of population, jobs, and innovation. More than 100,000 people leave, every single year. We cannot continue this way and expect things to get better. To expect anything more than a continued culture of corruption, political theater and out of control spending would be the very definition of insanity. ” On this combined Beach Brothers Show & Get On Code Podcast we get Sharpe!

The Beach Brothers Show (#VirginiaStrong​) is a non-partisan talk show focused on Va. business & politics. To appear on the show – Conrad: (757) 719-2113 To have your business featured – Jose: (757) 805-2822

Focused on #Health​, #Wealth​, and #KnowledgeOfSelf​, Get On Code (The Fly Guy Show), is a series of Conscious Melanated conversations focused on solving OUR Collective situations via the #EmpowermentAgenda​ (Focusing ALL energies on Empowerment). Join US with yOUR comments. #GetOnCodePodcast#TheFlyGuysShow#GetOnCode

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