Ex Politician Explains Why Government Wants to Ban #Cryptocurrency​ & How It Will Benefit Them?
  • Show: Thecoinrepublic
  • Host: Abhiruk Bhattacharyya
  • Title: Ex Politician Larry Sharpe Explains Why Government Want to Ban #Cryptocurrency & Their Benefit in It
  • Date: April 1, 2021

It is April 2021 and Bitcoin has become a household topic. If asked five years back, nobody could have predicted this meteoric rise of a virtual decentralized currency that had a big vision but small growths initially. Yet, Bitcoin did not escape the attention of world governments, each addressing Bitcoin differently. Our guest for today is a Podcaster and a known political activist. In the state of New York in the USA, a business consultant and entrepreneur named Larry Sharpe ran for governor in 2018 during which he criticized the backdated crypto regulation titled BitLicense. Fast forward to 2021, and Mr. Sharpe is still determined to build a strong American economy that embraces cryptocurrencies and does away with unnecessary regulations. In our hour-long chat, we spoke about the second cold war between America and China, why America does not understand the importance of cryptocurrencies and how politicians refuse to educate themselves for the betterment of the country.

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